The MMFF is a community-supported fund founded in November 2004. Contributions are made by people who understand that there are many sacrifices that military families make and want to help soften the financial hardships that may occur, especially when a family member is deployed, by providing a financial safety net.

The men and women that serve in our military have given up their freedom to protect the freedom of American citizens and to proactively pursue people who have attacked or plan to attack America and Americans. Contributing to the Minnesota Military Family Foundation is how many of your fellow citizens show their thanks and support to our troops and their families. The Minnesota Military Family Foundation is an all volunteer board with zero overhead.


  • Military personnel
  • Military spouses
  • Military children


  • Household expenses such as utilities, rent and mortgages
  • Household appliances and repair
  • Auto repairs
  • Transporting and lodging for families to visit solider in hospital
  • Family counseling
  • Medical expenses