Due to the pandemic, the 2020 Memorial Day Challenge will be held a little differently this year.

This year, the event will be done either in your home affiliate (if able) OR in your home.  We will run a virtual scoreboard by division, and scores can be submitted throughout the morning.  Athletes will also be able to join the event ‘live’ on Zoom at their designated time.


Athletes (or affiliates) will be responsible for designating a mile running route to use.  If no pull-up bars are available, we will be providing alternative movements to allow everyone to participate in some fashion this year!

For more information, please go to our registration page HERE or contact Katie at ourhauscrossfit@gmail.com.


Contestants will complete the “MURPH” workout. This workout consists of:

  1. 1 Mile Run
  2. 100 Pull-Ups
  3. 200 Push-Ups
  4. 300 Squats
  5. 1 Mile Run

The Pull-ups, Push-ups, and Squats can be partitioned any way the athlete would like, but must be completed after the first mile and before the second mile.

To accommodate all athletes, we have several divisions.  These include Elite, Rx, Scaled, and Partner.  Please see full division standards on our registration page HERE or below.

ATHLETE DIVISIONS – (click here to register)

Male Elite– Full workout completed with 20# vest.  Please send Bio and Picture to Katie at ourhauscrossfit@gmail.com.  Suggested time: 40 – 55 mins.

Female Elite– Full workout completed with 14# vest.  Please send Bio and Picture to Katie at ourhauscrossfit@gmail.com.  Suggested time:  48 – 65 mins.

RX –Full workout completed RX (no vest required, but allowed!)

Scaled –Movements may be scaled as needed (jumping pull-ups, bands, knee pushups, etc).  Both runs will still be 1 mile each.

Teams of 2: BOTH members run BOTH miles together, split pull-ups/pushups/squats as desired to equal 100/200/300 TOTAL, working at same time.  Movements may be scaled as necessary by one or both partners.


Current event updates can be found on our Facebook event page here.